Dear members of the SSSM

The year 2020 has been very demanding for all of us.

Some have been hit by the virus, some have worked extraordinarily much in the health care system and some have been forced to work in new and demanding ways for instance by video consultations.

The board has had several virtual meetings where we have tried to cope with a situation that has changed all the time and in ways nobody could foresee a year ago.

We had planned to make a meeting in Stockholm, but decided to postpone it and finally we decided to cancel a meeting even during the virtual ESSM. None of the board members have wished to step down and none are to be reelected – so the board is complete.

The bylaws (vedtægter / stadgar / bestemmelser) of SSSM does not foresee such a situation. The board has no suggestions for these to be discussed at meeting with a general assembly – so it is our suggestion that we call for a general assembly if one or more of you demand so – and then we will do it virtually (ZOOM meeting). If no one has a suggestion, we shall publish the chairman report + the financial accounting of SSSM on our website and by mail but not call for a meeting.

Please, before 15th of January, send any thoughts on this to our secretary Wenche Haaland, mail: We know this is an unusual step – but we do not think we shall use time on meetings that no one will attend.

The board of the SSSM wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Best regards

The board of the SSSM