Dear all

The board of SSSM hopes that you all have had a nice vacation / staycation.

We have been contacted by ESSM on a new project which we  hereby forward information on. It is a new ESSM – ESCAP project. We encourage the members to respond to the project if they wish so.

Best regards

The board of SSSM

ESSM Affiliated Societies
Milan, 28 July 2020
REF: ESSM Scientific Collaboration and Partnership (ESCAP)

Dear Affiliated Societies

On behalf of the ESSM Executive Committee, we are pleased to introduce a new project that will involve the Affiliated Societies actively called ESCAP (ESSM Scientific Collaboration and Partnership) coordinated by Carlo Bettocchi and Fabio Castiglione and whose Editor in Chief is Asif Muneer.
At ESSM, we have been increasingly recognizing the value of review and meta-analysis articles concerning topics of significant importance for the clinical Sexual Medicine practice.

This initiative aims to connect the well-known sexual medicine experts from different sexual societies with young talented authors in order to create a fruitful group with the best possible results. We also aim to create the possibility of new scientific and educational collaboration and focus on the development of leadership skills for young sexual medicine expert. As a result of this network and cooperation, the young sexual medicine expert will be able to further enhance their academic career and improve scientific skills by improving his or her writing skills. The aim is to publish at least 6 collaborative reviews or metanalysis in the top journals in the field of sexual medicine.

We would like to involve our National Affiliated Societies in the Board of Editors, and to select the best possible scientists we need to evaluate the H-INDEX of your members. If you are interest in participating to this ambitious project, we invite you to send us, by the end of August 2020, the H-index of your members (one by one or a total sum) that were also ESSM members in 2019.

We remain available for any question and we look forward to hearing back from you in due time.

Our best regards,
Emre Akkus and Salvatore Sansalone
Advisory Board representatives within the ESSM Executive Committee